Desert Nomads

Desert Nomads. A nomadic tribe sets up camp and travels through the Moroccan Sahara Desert in the 1940's.. 1940's, Morocco, Africa, Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains, rocky soil, Berbers, Arabs, Berber / Arab camp, tribe, camels, nomads, tribespeople sitting around fire, man leading camels out to graze, camels eating thorny desert plant, goat grazing in tree, man milking camel, boy winding turban around head as he watches over grazing camels, boy drinking bowl of camel milk and eating fresh dates, tribeswomen and children leading donkeys to pool in desert and collecting water, women loading water carried in goatskin bags onto backs of donkeys, children playing in desert, women grinding barley, woman pouring out water into bowl from water skins hung on wooden racks, women making couscous, woman mixing barley with water, women putting water/grain mixture into basket and placing on top of cooking pot, woman using flour paste to seal basket to pot, woman placing cover over basket to steam barley, Muslims bowing in prayer in desert, woman pouring out couscous from basket into bowl, men washing hands in water poured from kettle over bowl, men and boy using hands to eat couscous from large shared bowl, tribal chief eating, tribespeople carefully packing up camp items into bag and case, tribespeople dismantling tents, tribesmen loading supplies onto pack camel, man loading children onto camel, camel caravan / camel train of nomads through desert, nomads reaching new camp, tribespeople setting up tents and unpacking supplies, tribespeople laying down mats on ground under tents, child unpacking cooking utensils from bag, woman baking barley bread, woman placing dough between hot stones, girl removing stones and revealing loaf of bread, man teaching children verses from Quran, tied up camels lying down at night, chief serving tea to men in his tent, men and boy leaving camp in morning to travel to market, men riding camels and taking extra pack camels, camel caravan through desert, caravan arriving at desert oasis, camels drinking water from pool, farmer guiding oxen driven plow, farmers taking turns using limited water supply, farmer using pickaxe to open irrigation ditch into his fields, farmers using provincial water clock to measuring time, date palm trees in oasis, agricultural fields in fertile grounds, man picking date clusters from palm tree, camel caravan traveling from oasis to Guelmim, Goulimine, camel market, camel buyers trading, camel buyer inspecting camel's teeth, camel buyer giving money to tribal chief, camel buyer struggling to lead camel, men loading camel into truck, camels being transported by truck, outdoor market, man and boy smelling and buying imported tea, men shopping for wood, pack camels, man and boy inspecting barley, man using barrel to load barley into sack, Muezzin sounding call to prayer from mosque tower, came train / camel caravan traveling through desert from Guelmim to camp

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