Compilation of news reels and promotional films

The Go Getter Part 4: A Western Electric Picture A silent film about a farm in which electricity does the water pumping and so makes life easier for those on the farm from running faucets to early forms of the washing machine. It also churns the milk into butter. And so, electricity can make life better when added with good old fashioned brains, grit and determination. This film, shot entirely on a Pennsylvania farm, is eliminating drudgery just as we've seen it. A 1930 Chicago news reel about glider looping: a model of the boulder dam, which I think is the future name of the Hoover Dam: a turkey farm: a burning oil well, phone and ticker service being moved to Newark and Jersey City to make Wall Street a branch of the stock exchange: a British war ship in which sailors drink to the King, god bless him, Richard C. Dupont sets off on a glider on a 120 mile trip: soviet paratroopers jump out of a plane in mass formation: would-be kidnappers charged with kidnapping in NY: Camden NJ in which Admiral Richard E. Bird heads for the South pole: the last footage of an airmen who got lost from Russia to Alaska: 1934 Maryland State Board approved Goofytone News reel: a fake news reel, female pilots complaining about the army taking over the airmail: a black preacher loses his church in a crap game while under the influence of liquor: an Oregon walking meet: really bad toupee advertisement, a witness describes an attempted robbery of her gas station: Dr. Panzi giving a lecture to mothers of the world about diapers, NEWS OF THE DAY: God Bless America: A news reel showing patriotic images over the song "God Bless America" \Chevrolet presents "A Wise Choice" commercial in Technicolor A used 1940 Chevrolet with its dandy vacuum gear shifter. Chevrolet presents "Grandma's Present" commercial in Technicolor Another 1940 Chevrolet commercial about economy, comfort, and safety. A USO production of "BOB HOPE in REPORT TO U.S.A." Bob Hope narrates a pro-American morale booster about the work of the USO doing shows, establishing clubs, and so forth.

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