Cinerama Holiday Introduction

Shots of fireworks, Cinerama Holiday title card, WS, EXT, Cinerama theater, lobby posters and crowds. Two men adjust the Cinerama camera, various shots of men working on and preparing camera. Cinerama sound equipment being set up, various CU shots of equipment. EXT of Cinerama theaters, crowds entering the theater. Men sitting around an office table taking notes. Air to air shot of Swissair propeller airliner, interior shot of Fred Troller, surrounded by passengers, drawing. Fred Troller busy drawing, air to air shot of plane in flight then landing. Interior shots of control tower, airliner landing, shot of underside of plane, looking above toward cockpit. Pilot opens window and give thumbs up to ground crew. Passengers disembark from rear of the plane. MCU of John Marsh and wife, set to go on same plane for a European holiday. Shot of ground crew unloading motorcycle, customs agent inspecting suitcase. Passengers board airliner from the rear. Couple waves goodbye to faimly. Shot of plane engine start-up, then takeoff. Couple sitting together on plane. WS of plane interior with passengers walking around. Shot of aircraft navigator, shot of two pilots in cockpit adjusting instruments. Couple in reclined seats sleep. Air to air shot of airliner, shots of passengers eating. Shot of POV from front of aircraft of clouds.

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, St. Louis, Missouri, United States, North America


St. Louis




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