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America on the Moon. The historic Apollo 11 Moon landing on July 20, 1969.. 1960s, July 16, 1969, Cape Kennedy, Cape Canaveral, Florida, Apollo 11 on launch pad 39A, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins wearing spacesuits, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin exiting van and walking to Apollo 11, countdown to launch of Apollo 11, Apollo 11 liftoff from launch pad, Cape Kennedy Mission Control center, people in control room watching Apollo 11 in flight, Apollo 11 streaking through sky, Lyndon Johnson and bystanders watching Apollo 11 in flight, radar control cameras recording launched vehicle through separation, view from lunar orbit of Earth receding into distance and Moon looming near, Lunar Module Eagle separating from Command Module Columbia, LM descending to Moon, dialog between Armstrong and Mission Control about touchdown on Moon, One small step for man..., people in Mission Control Center, Armstrong and Aldrin descending steps of LM to Moon, Armstrong and Aldrin raising American flag on Moon, Armstrong and Aldrin walking on Moon and communicating to Mission Control about Moon's surface, Armstrong and Aldrin collecting Moon samples, seismograph and laser target, view of Earth from Moon, LM lifts off from Moon to meet Columbia in orbit, LM docking with Columbia, crew demonstrating weightlessness as they relax in spaceship, view of Earth from lunar orbit, USS Hornet (CVS-12) Prime Recovery Ship (PRS), radar scanning horizon for splashdown from USS Hornet, Navy helicopter hovering over water, astronauts wearing isolation garments in lifeboat after splashdown, President Nixon watching homecoming from USS Hornet, Navy helicopter lifting astronauts out of water into helicopter and transporting to USS Hornet, Mission Control watching recovery footage, helicopter touching down on USS Hornet, astronauts disembarking helicopter to USS Hornet and being quarantined, President Nixon talking with astronauts in quarantine van

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