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Across The World with Mr & Mrs Johnson. A film about the various travels of the husband and wife explorer filmmakers Osa and Martin Johnson. 1920s, people dressed in formal attire talking in room, people sitting and listening to Martin Johnson in tuxedo lecturing, South Pacific Islands, Martin pointing to Pacific Island map, Solomon Islands, Tulagi, Osa Johnson turning off lights and turning on radio, people watching movie projection as man narrates, Solomon Island native soldiers marching and drilling with rifles, portraits of natives, native man with bones through nose and ear, traditional culture, natives and female tourist on boat deck, Langa Langa Lagoon, man-made walls of island, natives in canoes, man-made islands, young naked native boy climbing coconut tree, picking coconut and throwing it down to ground, young native boys jumping into water, two young native boys standing in water holding up starfish and smiling, native fishermen with canoes full of fish, bags of fish along edge of island, Malaita, natives and Osa Johnson on boat deck, boat POV of island coast, two scowling native men with shields and spears sitting in front of thatched canoe and head house with human skulls on posts, native men carrying war canoe to water, putting it in water and paddling away, native being tattooed, native standing outside thatched Devil, Devil house, native Devil, Devil Chief with nose piercing, smiling young native boy, hut in coconut grove, Devil, Devil tribesmen sitting in field, ceremony, man placing wreath in front of house, natives carrying devil statues and placing in front of Devil, Devil house, men blowing conch shells, native woman holding hands of two native men and walking, native men sitting, natives carrying coconuts from boats onto beach, native men standing next to stacks of coconuts on beach, natives carrying coconuts, native men playing drums while natives in grass skirts, perform traditional dances outside thatched huts, natives burying man in ground and covering grave, Devil, Devil tribesman laying down coconut leaf over grave, cemetery, mourner sitting by grave, man in tuxedo lecturing to people in formal attire, people on boat deck, Vao Island, Vanuatu, natives standing on beach watching approaching boat, portrait of natives, ceremony with native men dancing while elderly men are buried alive, man approaching docked canoe on beach at sunset with Malakula island in distance, Osa Johnson and natives on whale boat, pointing to map of Vao and Big Numbers Territory, boat POV dense jungle on island, native people climbing tree branches, native boy eating clay, natives carrying rifles, Osa talking to natives carrying rifles, elderly native man praying in front of Devil, Devil statues, inside of head house, native man posing with preserved human heads and clay covered skeletons, headhunters, native man praying to head, native man drying human head, native man trying to sell human heads to tourist, Osa holding native baby with elongated head, natives with elongated heads, natives and tourists talking on beach, male tourist giving natives cigarettes, native man trying to eat cigarette, native men with bones through their noses, natives winding movie projector, movie screen set up between native statues, natives and female tourist sitting and laughing together, native men examining movie screen, Malakula, natives and Johnsons walking through island, native statue, human skulls on trail, natives hiding behind jungle foliage, portraits of natives, native men with bones through their noses, native man touching male tourist's arm, native men beating drums, large group of natives holding rifles, native men sitting, natives performing traditional dances, people dressed in formal attire listing to Martin in tuxedo speak, pointing to North Africa map, Khartoum, Sudan, George Eastman, Johnsons and Dr. Albert Kaiser waving from steamer boat as it disembarks dock, George Eastman, Osa and Dr. Albert Kaiser on boat deck going down Nile River, Sudd, tiger grass swamp along shore, boat POV Dinka tribe natives outside huts, female native putting glass piece through lip piercing, naked native woman washing themselves and filling water jugs in Nile River, doctors examining natives for sleeping sickness, native man with advanced sleeping sickness lying down, steamer boat going down river, natives carrying boxes of supplies on their heads on safari, female native carrying baby on her back, Pygmy people hiding in field, Osa Johnson in safari clothing standing next to Pygmy women and examining their weapons, Pygmy women wearing western clothing, Martin Johnson in safari clothing standing next to Pygmy men, Pygmy sitting on top of one another to look through Graflex camera, Pygmy people looking curiously at flashlight, Martin Johnson conducting as Pygmy people dance, Pygmy man playing drum, Pygmy people performing traditional dance, Osa showing mirror to Pygmy people, Pygmy men singing, Pygmy Chief eating rice with wives attending to him and fanning him, Pygmy woman singing and laughing, Pygmy Chief trying to light cigar, lions playing with dead wildebeest, lion dragging wildebeest away, lion and lioness family, lions fighting over dead zebra, lion lying on rock, Johnsons crouching in grass, Martin filming and Osa holding rifle, lions in grassy field, lion sneezing, lions dragging off zebra carcass, vultures hovering in sky, vultures feeding on carcass, hyenas joining vultures in feeding on carcass, Osa Johnson in safari clothing looking in compact and powdering face, Osa swinging golf club in field, Johnsons playing golf in field and trying to show natives how to play, monkey eating golf ball, Osa firing rifle at approaching lion, Osa putting hat on dead lion, cars driving through field, people waving goodbye as train leaves station

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