World Cultures/People Travelogue - Peru, Mexico, Jamaica,, Argentina

South America - 1970s - Peru and Mexico • Outdoor café, overhead shot • City Street, Overhead • City Street • Llama, mountains in background, zoom out • Aerial of lake • Guards in front of Palace of Justice (3 shots) • Palace of Justice, Coverage (8 shots) • City Fountain, Lima • City shots, Lima, Streets, Buildings, Pedestrians • Vista Shot, Mexico City • Cathedral, Mexico City (2 shots) • City shots, Mexico City, Buildings, Statue, Mountains BG • Outdoor market, Mexico City, vendors, art (5 shots) • Outdoor restaurant, Mexico City (2 shots) • "El Bazaar Sabado", Mexico City (2 shots) • City Park, Mexico City, Families, Vendors, Baloons, Fountain (8 shots) 1968 - Jamaica • Pan Am Passenger Jet flight to Jamaica (5 shots) • Kingston Airport, POV passenger from taxiing jet • "Welcome to Jamaica" Topiary Sign • Traffic Cop, Jamaica • Jamaica Shore, Fishing, Fishing Boat, Lighthouse, Shipreck (7 shots) • Fort Charles, Jamaica, Cannon (8 shots) • Vistas, Jamaica (4 shots) • Jamaica Hotel, Pool, Bar, Flowers, Grounds (14 shots) • Jamaica Garden (9 shots) • Hope Aqueduct (2 shots) • Directory Sign • Campus (3 shots) • Vistas, Jamaica (2 shots) • Overlook Shelter • Winding Road • City shots, fountain, outdoor vendor, intersection w/Traffic Cop, Road leading to docked ship • Hotel w/Pool (2 shots) • British American Insurance Company Office Building Exterior Shots, Including Security Guard • Executive Office w/Desk • Sign on Desk, "View from Office Window", tilt to window • View out window - Bicyclists, Pedestrians, Cows, Traffic, Vendors, Office Workers enter building, Cab Driver, Hawk flying (34 shots) • Female Office Worker shuts door to office • British American Insurance Company Office Building Exterior 1970s - Buenos Aires, Argentina • Horse Track Coverage, Jockeys on horses, Spectators, Jockeys race horses (10 shots)

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