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Robert Mugge is an American filmmaker and documentarian who has been capturing the essence of great musical performers and performances since the 1970's.

About the Films of Robert Mugge

Over 30 films deep, the Films of Robert Mugge include documentaries about blues, bluegrass, reggae, zydeco and Hawaiian music and films centered on; Al Green, Ruben Blades, Sonny Rollins, Robert Johnson, and Gil Scott-Heron. Unlike many music documentaries, Mugge frequently allows the whole song to play out so the music can speak for itself.

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"Films of the documentarian Robert Mugge [are] cultural reference books...Documents of a flourishing below-the-radar-culture...they are archival records as well as entertainments."

- Stephen Holden
The New York Times

According to Mugge, "In my films, music frequently serves as a leaping-off point for discussions of social issues, cultural issues, political issues, even religious issues. In fact, I tend to see music as a metaphor for the human spirit"

"Filmmaker Robert Mugge has, during the past 25 years, established himself as the cinema's foremost music documentarian, with a career that includes more than 20 features chronicling individual performers (Al Green, Sun Ra, Ruben Baldes) and various musical styles (blues, reggae, bluegrass, etc.)...the cinematic equivalent of the work of ethnomusicologists like Adam Lomax."

-Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter