1. What can GIW do for me?

Our unique and extensive footage archive can help you tell your story and connect with your audience.

We also offer first rate Footage & Photo Research services and can assist you with all of your Rights & Clearance needs.

2. Why should I search GIW first?

Our smart filters make it quick and easy to find the footage you want without having to scroll through hundreds of pages of search results.

GIW has carefully curated its archive to include the best footage in the most requested genres and we are constantly updating our collections.

We license stock shots in instances when one perfect clip will do.

Sometimes, one shot just isn't enough. As a deep content archive, we make the raw, uncut footage as it was originally captured by our footage partners available for your projects.

3. Rights Ready - Royalty Free - Rights Managed - Premium Collections, what does it all mean?

$ Rights Ready (RR) - These clips are available for immediate licensing and download. The licensing fees associated with Rights Ready footage are based on the grant of rights package you select.

For example:

TV & other forms of entertainment, worldwide, 5 years
Feature films & feature length documentaries, worldwide, perpetuity

$ Royalty Free (RF) - These clips are available for immediate licensing and download. The licensing fees associated with Royalty Free footage is based on file size/resolution.

For example:

SD Lo 320x240
HD Hi 1920x1080

A Royalty Free clip can be incorporated in your production (and any derivative thereof) and your new work can be exploited in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity.

Rights Managed (RM) - This is footage licensed offline in the traditional way and involves interacting, either by email or phone, with the GIW sales team. From your initial inquiry to delivery of edit masters; we've designed this process to be quick and painless.

We need certain basic information about your project in order to give you a licensing fee quote, (i.e. what you've used, how you've used the footage and the grant of rights you wish to secure.) To collect and organize this information we ask you to fill out a Footage Request Form. Upon GIW's receipt of a completed Footage Request Form you will be contact by a member of the GIW sales team.

Not all of the world's great footage is online. A lot of remarkable footage exists offline. When you see "Footage Coming Soon" during a search, this means the footage you're looking for lives offline. GIW will happily get you a preview copy of this footage and will work with you so you can use the footage in your production.

A fully searchable text database for all GIW represented footage is available online. If we have it, you can find it and request a screener.

To ensure no clip is over looked, GIW offers FREE in-house research. Our knowledgeable staff will dive deep into our database so you don't have to. Depending on how much offline footage is ordered, a nominal screener fee may apply.

Premium Collections - Unique and exclusive Rights Managed collections that are often licensed under equally special terms and conditions.

Each GIW Premium Collection has its own sales person who will walk you through the licensing process. Again, our goal is to make this quick and easy.

4. How do I find the footage I want to use?

Built by footage research professionals, GIW's online search capabilities are second to none. Start by entering keywords or phrases (seperated by commas) in the search bar and click "Find It!"

You can narrow your search upfront by selecting; All, Any, Exact. Exact is the default search criteria. As you begin your search you'll notice GIW's internal search engine will offer helpful prompts and ideas based on the keywords in our database.

Filters - To help further refine your search, you can utilize GIW's standard set of searchable filters which include: License Type, Format, Decade, Digitzed, Subject, Color, Sound, Region, Country, State, and City.

5. How do I get a screening or viewing copy of the footage?

For already digitized footage, you need to be registered on the GIW website. Once you register and login, you can create and edit your own Clip Bin(s) and download QuickTime files of any of our digitized clips.

Non-digitized clips are also available for viewing. To request a non-digitized clip, fill out a Footage Request Form and email or fax the completed form to GIW. Upon receipt you'll be contacted by a member of our sales team.

GIW offers FREE in-house research. We'll dive deep into our database so you don't have to. Depending on how much off line footage is ordered, a nominal screener fee may apply.

6. Why are some clips not digitized and viewable online?

Time, Money and Volume. GIW is primarily a deep content archive. We have thousands of hours' worth of footage available for licensing. Every day we're working to make more GIW represented footage available for online viewing. For the most part, this is a human driven proposition and therefore takes time and costs money. A percentage of all GIW licensing revenue is reinvested into the archive so we can make even more footage available online.

7. What about license agreements and payments?

You will need to approve and/or sign the GIW License Agreement(s) and pay all fees prior to release of edit masters.

8 What do you do with my personal information?

GIW will never knowingly provide any third party with information submitted by or about our registered users. See privacy policy

9. How do your Research, Rights & Clearance services work?

Research Services, If you're looking to hire a professional footage researcher and/or Archival Producer, you've come to the right place. For over three decades, GIW's internationally recognized team of Footage Researchers and Archival Producers have been working with a wide range of production companies find just the right footage for their projects. See Research Services

Rights & Clearances - GIW speaks Rights & Clearances fluently. Our clearance professionals will assist with music clearances, clip clearances, talent consents, and just about any other copyright clearance or permission that's required. That's what we do. All day, every day. See Rights & Clearances

GIW's Research, Rights & Clearance fees are based on the requirements of your assignment. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Research Services - Jessica@globalimageworks.com
Rights & Clearances - Cathy@globalimageworks.com

Ask GIW - Do you have a question you'd like to ask GIW? Send your question to Questions@globalimageworks.com and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.