Pop Culture and Teenagers Dance dance dance

01:27:27 - 01:27:37 Brunette in yellow dress and man with top hat, yellow vest and red striped shirt dancing together 01:27:37 - Blond haired woman in skimpy red outfit and red boad shaking her hips 01:27:39 - 01:27:43 Two women and man dance on stage 01:27:43 Three women in period dresses and parasols parade down stairs and on to set in front of fake log cabin and twirl around. They are joined by man in period costume. They parade around and pick up their dresses and bend over - somewhat sexy. 01:28:18 - 01:28:24: silhouette of man and woman against red background 01:28:24 - 01:28:34 three girls dressed in bikinis , joined by three women with parasols and man in his jockey shorts all dance in front of fake log cabin 01:28;34 - 01:28:43 high angle looking down at traffic on city street - car headlight towards camera 01:28:44 - three men with bare chests and shorts on motorcycles 01:28:46 - night scene at beach. woman lying down behind rock - pan over to man playing bongos and couple in bikini shimmy dancing, pan over to couple that appears to be making out behind beach umbrella 01:28:58 - woman in skimpy leopard bathing suit on red motorcycle kicks up her legs 01:29:01 - girls and guys on beach dancing twist, shimmy while guy plays banjo. CU of woman in white bikini twirling a vine and then she jumps into the arms of one of the guys 01:29:09 - 01:29:10 cu of woman in leopard bikini on motorcycle smiling 01:29:10 - 01:29:13 cu of man doing handstand next to girls in bikinis dancing 01:29:13 - 01:29:30 cu more of the group dancing intercut with close ups of dancers 01.29.30 – 01.29.39 Two cowboys in a gunfight, a stagecoach comes up and interrupts the battle. 01.29.40 – 01.29.58 CU of an old steam engine train arriving at the station (really an amusement park train). Camera pans out to show a blonde sitting in the train kicking her leg. The two cowboys are lined up for a gunfight again. Blonde gets out of the train and strikes a pose.

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