Music and Entertainment Lily St. Cyr dancing

01.54.49 – 02.10.10 “Miss St. Cyr’s Celebrated Bubble Bath” 01.54.49 – 01.55.28 Opening Credits 01.55.29 – 01.56.49 Miss Lili St. Cyr in a beautiful evening gown looks at herself in the mirror. Her maid hands her a fur shawl, which she tries on, but rejects. Miss Lili St. Cyr picks out a red taffeta dress and takes off her long gloves. 01.56.50 – 01.57.45 Miss Lili St. Cyr has her maid take off her dress – she then goes behind a dressing wall, looking longingly over the top dressing wall. 01.57.46 – 02.01.44 She comes from behind the dressing wall in a black bra and underwear her maid helps her put on the red taffeta dress. She runs over in ballet moves to the dressing table with a picture of her loved one. She dances on floor, then gets on a chair and puts on stockings and then her dress. She takes off the dress and red taffeta, and then puts on a blue nightdress. 02.01.45 – 02.02.58 Miss Lili St. Cyr lies back in her chaise lounge, while her maid takes off her stalking. She fans herself, while holding the picture of her loved one. Her maid then takes off Lili St. Cyr’s underwear (she covers herself with the nightgown). 02.02.59 – 02.03.24 She gets up and puts the picture back on the dressing table, while her maid adds bubble bath to the ornate bath. She covertly gets into the bubble bath with both the maid and her own nightgown covering her from being seen naked. 02.03.25 – 02.04.32 Miss Lili St. Cyr in the bathtub with bubbles flying all around her. She kicks her legs into the air. Then begins to wash her arms and shoulders with a pink cloth. 02.04.33 – 02.04.42 The maid, at Miss Lili St. Cyr sees the picture of her suitor and shakes her head. 02.04.43 – 02.07.31 Miss Lili St. Cyr in the bathtub. She calls to her maid, who brings over a large towel. St. Cyr steps out of the tub, covered by the towel. She dries herself, exposing her back. She twirls around – the flesh colored undergarments visible as she twirls. Lili St. Cyr sits down at her dressing table and puts on a pair of high heel shoes. Her maid helps her on with an evening gown as she throws the towel to the side. She puts on an ornate necklace. Her maid helps her put on an evening coat and hands her gloves and an evening bag. 02.07.31 – 02.08.31 Lili St. Cyr looks at the picture of her suitor and decides not to wear that outfit. Her maid helps her off with the evening jacket. And she walks behind the dressing wall to take off the dress. She waits draped over the wall, looking at the picture, while her maid brings another dress for her to try on. 02.08.32 – 02.10.02 She puts on the other dress, with the help of her maid. Then, she strolls across the room to pick a new necklace out. She puts on a red fur coat and a shawl and looks at herself in the mirror. She puts on a little extra rouge and then walks off stage. 02.10.13 – 02.13.56 02.10.13 – 02.10.50 Lili St. Cyr drives up in a Rolls Royce. She is helped out of the car by the chauffer who watches her walk away (clearly enamored). She walks on Persian rugs to garden with a mirror. 02.10.51 – 02.12.32 Standing in front of the mirrors, St. Cyr takes off her jacket then strolls to a dressing screen, also outside. She gives the chauffer a seductive look, and then walks behind the screen. She begins to take off her dress – but can be seen only from the shoulders up. She comes out from behind the screen wearing frilly lingerie. She lies down on a chaise and takes off her stockings. She walks back behind the screen. 02.12.33 – 02.13.56 From behind the screen, she drapes her bra over the screen and then comes out from behind it in a fur laden nightgown. She walks over to a bed in the garden. She gets into the bed, keeping herself covered. The chauffer looks at her lustfully. She picks up the phone and puts the receiver on the table. On the phone “Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You” is written.

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