1992 Los Angeles Riots

1992 Los Angeles Riots 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the LA Riots, a flashpoint in history that changed the face of Los Angeles and the nation. On April 29, 1992, South Central Los Angeles was in the epicenter of the one of largest episodes of civil unrest in American history. Ignited by the acquittal of four police officers who were accused of using excessive force during the arrest of Rodney King, tensions between law enforcement and those who lived in South Central Los Angeles finally boiled over. For the next six days, Los Angeles would be in the grips of full-fledged rioting. Global ImageWorks' exclusive collection of footage and photos tells the story of the riots from unique perspectives, and captures the polarity and political environment in Los Angeles during the days and months after the riots. This exclusive footage comes from filmmakers living in South Central Los Angeles, and includes shots inside large groups of protesters and dramatic scenes both in front of and behind police lines. Also featured in this collection is rare footage of the birth of West Coast Hip-Hop as the events in Los Angeles shaped music for the eras most influential artists.